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Festive Fruit Wreath

This beautiful fruit wreath is sure to delight. Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit and Texas Sweet Oranges are carefully arranged with festive Red Delicious and Granny Smith Apples, then decorated with foil-wrapped milk chocolate candies. Nestled in the center, a jar of our Orange Blossom Honey and a cute Wooden Honey Dipper. Definitely a delicious holiday treat.

Order #9W ...$34.95
Approx. 8 lbs.
Pre-orders begin November 1st!

Christmas Pretzels

NEW!! Encased in a beautiful gold tin, these Christmas Tree shaped pretzels are coated in a decadent white chocolate and sprinkled with red and green sugar, making it the perfect salty-sweet holiday snack!

Order #CHPZ ...$25.95
Approx. 1 lbs.
Pre-orders begin September 1st!

Holiday Gift Bags

These individual gift bags are perfect for remembering and sharing with neighbors and co-workers. Use these six holiday themed cellophane bags to fill with our delicious Texas Red Grapefruit or Texas Super Sweet Oranges. A delicious way to say "Happy Holidays". Bows and Bag tabs for closing are included. Add gift bags onto your order or choose from our selected Bushel or Half Bushel with gift bags included.

Currently Unavailable

Grapefruit Gadgets

Essential gadgets for any grapefruit lover and the perfect addition to any gift. Pick from a set of four serrated grapefruit spoons, a grapefruit knife, or both! Free Shipping!

Starting at...$12.95
Available to order!
Choose from 3 options
Grapefruit Knife
Serrated Grapefruit Spoons
Spoon & Knife